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Are you register with the Licence Board of Commissioners?


Yes, CARD 101 is registered in every county in Maryland.


I thought there was only one Alcohol Awareness class we could take.

There are multiple Alcohol Awareness Classes offered and approved by the Comptroller of Maryland.  CARD 101 is the only program that offers three courses to cover the demanding needs of effective training for carding and bar's nightlife.


Can other establishments join in the class?

Join in's are welcome!  We do offer discounts for following us on Facebook.  Please encourage friends and staff members to like us.


How long is the certification good for?

Each certification is good for four (4) years.


What is the difference between the 101, 201, and 301?

101 is the basic Alcohol Awareness Program. 201 is designed for off-premise sales and builds on that basic program and takes a close examination of Real and Manufactured ID's.  301  is the first two classes put together plus basic Doormen\ Staff training.

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