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Who We Are

    CARD 101© is Maryland's top-rated alcohol awareness course.  Certified and registered by the State of Maryland.  This program is recognized by the Board of License Commissioners for each county in Maryland.
     CARD 101© is the perfect introductory level Alcohol Awareness Course.  It lays out basic information on educating bar and restaurant staff on serving alcohol responsibly for the service industry.  CARD 201© is designed for liquor stores and Off-Premise sales. It also brings knowledge of ID checking to another level for Beer, Wine, and Liquor stores. Card 301© is designed for the ‘Night Time’ Staff of busy bars and restaurants. This course delivers basic doorman training for any bar's active nightlife.

   ID checking (carding) and reducing incidents of binge and underage drinking to minors has become increasingly important. CARD 101 created and developed the SIRV and does it ‘PASS’ techniques specially designed for this industry to bring the most up to date information to employees.
   These three programs meet the requirements of the alcohol awareness training law under article 2B. Local seminars are available to meet your needs.  We provide certificates for successful completion of the seminar.   If you have any questions or need additional information about group discounts or in-house seminars, please contact us via email, phone or through this site.


CARD 101 is Maryland’s Top-Rated Alcohol Awareness Course.

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