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BiSU ID Scanner

The ID scanner for all bars, events, nightclubs and restaurants.

BiSU ID Scanner

CARD 101, Maryland's top rated Alcohol Awareness Program, created an app to properly check ID's for the entire service industry that holds up to the commitment of being Delmarva's "Big Brother". Because of this, it is only fitting that we named our app after BiSU, an ancient Egyptian deity protector of households and the defender of everything good and the enemy of all that is evil.


The BiSU app is coded with  Accurate ID™ programing for a readable precise response for the user.  BiSU's Accurate ID™ uses special detailed alerts for persons having: underage, 'flagged’ status, expired, and ‘Fake’ ID’s.  A green check mark shows a verified ID.  A yellow question mark for expired and persons under the age of 21.  A red exclamation mark shows all fake and unverified ID's.  The red stop sign shows flagged ID's.  This is the perfect tool for any establishment or organization looking to protect their most valuable assets. 


BiSU’s interactive system is specifically designed to reduce liability for establishments and keep each liquor license team and their members safe from fines and other court related issues.  With our NEX/GEN™ programming a 'Flagged' ID status is shared to every device on our private network, all in real time.  Walking out on a check, unwanted touching, disrespectful behavior, and fighting are all patterns of behavior most liquor license venues are willing to deny entry for, the red flags.

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